Financial Plan



I was the senior interaction designer for Stackable Certificates and the Financial Plan section of the new University of Phoenix's Application Center. This application was replacing a legacy application process that required an enrollment advisor to get through successfully. 

We rallied around a few key principles: Humanize the experience, show progress clearly, and help users focus on one piece at a time. 







Funding Bar Exploration

Printed Financial Summary


Before Financial Plan Management was implemented,  the only way for a student to find out about their payment information was by calling their enrollment  representative. Our team designed the new financial page which allowed students to view billing history, see incoming funds, and plan ahead when there were unexpected charges. As a result, the amount of escalation phone calls to advisers has decreased and we improved responsible borrowing with 20% of students only taking the recommended amount.

"Finance advisors tell us they feel supported and inspired when talking with their students about responsible borrowing because FPM reinforces the cornerstones of those conversations.  FPM allows advisors to focus their time on educating students about the financial decisions they’re making instead of trying to help students navigate through a clunky, legacy system." - Financial Advisor

"Financial Plan Management is an experience that empowers students to make the best decision, based upon their unique situation.  Students receive their complex, financial data in a way that’s concise and easy to understand. " 
- Financial Advisor